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13 - 21 AUGUST

National Science Week Grants are one of several avenues through which the Australian Government funds National Science Week.

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, through the Science Connections Program (SCOPE), also supports the Australian Science Teachers Associations (ASTA) National Science Week Schools Kit and Resource Book, the National Tour by prominent international science personalities, the National Project (hosted online by the ABC) and activities of the State and Territory Coordinating Committees.

$500,000 in grant funding was made available through SCOPE to support approved National Science Week events throughout Australia.

National Science Week 2011 Grant Recipients


Australian Capital Territory

Project Title: SCINEMA Festival of Science Film 2011
Proposer: CSIRO Discovery Centre
Contact: Mr Cristopher Kennedy
Description: SCINEMA explores the latest collaborations between science, film and art in over 500 cities and towns across Australia, introducing the latest in science and natural history filmmaking at screenings in museums, theatres, libraries, schools and universities. This project will also include a Student Science Film Competition which celebrates the International Year of Chemistry.
Funds Offered: $20 400.00


Project Title: Canberra Family Science Spectacular 2011
Proposer: CSIRO Discovery Centre
Contact: Mr Cristopher Kennedy
Description: Hosted at the CSIRO Discovery Centre, all of Canberra's science institutions come together to provide free hands-on experiments for our Experiment-a-thon, while our exhibition floor and grounds house reptiles, a petting zoo, a billy-cart competition, and tours of Australia's national facilities. The Spectacular is free educational science fun for the whole family.
Funds Offered: $17 372.00


Project Title: sWho could you be?
Proposer: The Australian National University
Contact: Ms Heather McEwen
Description: A project that will allow viewers to effortlessly control and embody a virtual character and allows users to effectively adopt a new skin or Avatar. By allowing the student to embody this character, it allows them to envision themselves as a successful scientist, hence the title; Who Could You Be? This project will be exhibited in a public venue in Canberra, with a portable version of the system toured around schools, as a way of directly engaging students.
Funds Offered: $7000


Project Title: Facial Reconstruction in the National Portrait Gallery
Proposer: National Portrait Gallery
Contact: Ms Helena Bezzina
Description: The public (18 years +) will be guided through the main stages undertaken in a facial reconstruction. The sessions will be held in public view in the main foyer and the project will display the facial anatomy/the stages involved in a facial reconstruction and an interactive demonstration for visitors to the Gallery. The project will culminate in a Scientist talk.
Funds Offered: $9500.00



New South Wales

Project Title: Sell Out - National Tour
Proposer: Polymath Productions
Contact: Mr Daniel Keogh
Description: 'Sell Out' is a science comedy show about the science and psychology of advertising, sales and persuading people to part with their money. The hour-long show will integrate elements of stand-up, film, animation and experiments. It will tour to every state and territory across Australia and perform at least one evening show in a major city.
Funds Offered: $11 466.00


Project Title: Far Out Science
Proposer: University of New England
Contact: Dr Michelle Taylor
Description: This project highlights three events: �Consumer Chemistry� gives shoppers to a local shopping centre the opportunity to see fun hands-on experiments demonstrating the applications of science. �Science in the Bush� held at UNE for primary and secondary students from indigenous and remote areas participate in a day of science activities including hands-on experiments, quizzes and lively presentations. �Radical Wine� invites members of the public to discover the science of wine. Attendees will have the opportunity to do scientific experiments� and hear a series of short, entertaining lectures given by wine makers and chemists about the science of wine.
Funds Offered: $15 478.00


Project Title: Science Fact or Fiction
Proposer: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)
Contact: Mr Rod Dowler
Description: A cinema style event where the audience will watch segments of popular Sci-Fi movies before ANSTO scientists and a high profile MC, critique the science featured in the film and conclude whether it is based on fact or fiction. The event will run for approximately 90 minutes and there will be two sessions run; a matinee featuring children�s movies and an evening session for adults.
Funds Offered: $15 200.00


Project Title: The Sydney Solar System Project
Proposer: Christopher Lansell
Contact: Mr Christopher Lansell
Description: This project is to display a 1:1 billion scale model of the Solar System along the foreshore. The Sun will be positioned at Bondi beach and the planets and other astronomical bodies will run south along the coast towards Maroubra. Each section of Solar System will have an astronomer present to educate the public about what the model is representing. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will also conduct a guided tour of the model.
Funds Offered: $9730.00


Project Title: Marvellous Molecules NSW
Proposer: RACI NSW Branch
Contact: Dr Adam Cawley
Description: Marvellous Molecules display and workshops will conduct outreach events targeting school aged children, their parents or carers and will be conducted at various venues around Sydney. Through the colourful banners and hands-on building molecular models, the public audience will marvel at the marvellous chemical molecules in their everyday living including a Chemistry Show that includes participants carrying out some nifty chemical reactions.
Funds Offered: $4000.00


Project Title: Engaging Indigenous Secondary Students from Rural NSW in Science
Proposer: Macquarie University
Contact: Associate Professor Joanne Jamie
Description: This collaborative project between Macquarie University, Aboriginal elders and three northern NSW High Schools aims to engage rural communities in science through experiments relevant to everyday life. The program will train Indigenous students to deliver and explain hands-on experiments to junior students, parents and the wider public.
Funds Offered: $9000.00


Project Title: Science under the Sea
Proposer: National Marine Science Centre
Contact: Mr Stephan Soule
Description: As a leader in marine science education and research, Southern Cross University�s National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) aims to promote greater awareness of the marine environment and scientific processes during Science Week through a series of hands-on activities/displays and presentation/lectures to the general public.
Funds Offered: $7000.00



Northern Territory

Project Title: Science on Trial
Proposer: CSIRO Education Centre NT
Contact: Mr Paul Lyons
Description: A 'legal' team of budding scientists will travel from Darwin to Alice Springs to expose the community to some of the pressing and current issues by putting the science 'on trial'. Local scientists and community members will be invited to appear as witnesses during the debate.
Funds Offered: $8500.00


Project Title: Fun Run
Proposer: Darwin Festival Association Incorporated
Contact: Ms Jo Duffy
Description: Fun Run is an interactive, free event combining sports science and artistic performance. In an ancient gladiator-style spectacle, our hero Humphrey pits his fragile, moderately trained body against the extreme physical challenge of marathon running amongst an elaborate set of technology, medical expertise, community support, fellow fun-runners and audience expectation.
Funds Offered: $27 850.00


Project Title: Career Pathways in Health Sciences Road Show: Thinking outside of the square!
Proposer: Australian Health Promotion Association (NT Branch)
Contact: Mr James Smith
Description: The road show aims to promote and celebrate the diverse career pathways of those people pursuing jobs in the field of health sciences in the Northern Territory.
Funds Offered: $5775.00




Project Title: Gold Coast Science Fair
Proposer: Gold Coast City Council
Contact: Ms Raewyn Wise
Description: The Fair will build upon the base of fun and exciting hands on science activities delivered by education, industry and government. Our aim is to showcase local scientific talent, host a range of events, demonstrations and interactive activities raising the awareness of and interest in science by residents of the Gold Coast.
Funds Offered: $30 000.00


Project Title: EKKA Pavilion: National Science Week - Ignite Your Imagination
Proposer: The University of Queensland
Contact: Miss Doreen Adwaby
Description: The National Science Week EKKA Pavilion is now a reputable, integral feature of the Queensland Annual Show showcasing excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation in Queensland to the public. Participating organisations develop and provide interactive exhibits, workshops, science education seminars and giveaways for participants.
Funds Offered: $20 000.00


Project Title: Science for Life! at Queensland Museum South Bank
Proposer: Queensland Museum South Bank
Contact: Ms Katherine Griffin
Description: The Science for Life! program will include a range of events such as: celebrating current research with museum scientists engaging the public to showcase museum collections, their work and careers in science; a feature public lecture presented by an acclaimed speaker; a collaborative event celebrating the International Year of Chemistry; hands-on activities and interactive exhibits; science theatre and science cinema.
Funds Offered: $10 000.00



South Australia

Project Title: Science Alive!
Proposer: National Science Week Coordinating Committee SA
Contact: Mr Brian Haddy
Description: A three-day festival, 2011 will be the sixth version of this constantly evolving mass participation interactive science event. The event will consist of a Careers Day for high school students on the Friday; a Business Networking event and National Science Week Launch on the Friday evening; and a weekend event for the general public with over 50 interactive booths.
Funds Offered: $30 000.00


Project Title: Mawson Lakes Science Week 2011
Proposer: Rotary Club Of Mawson Lakes
Contact: Ms Annie Payne
Description: A week of activities based at Mawson Lakes, comprising two community events and a fun filled day of activities for local school students in Adelaide. The school activities include science shows, hands on activities, static displays, science demonstrations, school displays and activities.
Funds Offered: $10 000.00


Project Title: The Social Networking of Lizards
Proposer: Flinders University
Contact: Ms Natalie Hills
Description: Flinders University and the South Australian Museum will have live lizards, specimens and story boards on display for the general public and school groups to get up close to. As well as this showcase, each day a scientist will present an interactive talk and a hands-on mini DNA extraction practical to demonstrate how science is changing the way we think about lizards and the importance of biodiversity.
Funds Offered: $4700.00




Project Title: Young Tassie Scientists 2011 - Taking Science Around Tasmania
Proposer: University of Tasmania
Contact: Ms Jeannie-Marie LeRoi
Description: A program which involves early career researchers who are passionate about their work and can connect with a range of audiences. They present talks and activities based on their research - increasing understanding, inspiring interest and providing insights into diverse areas of science and engineering. They travel to regional and remote communities around Tasmania, and are widely profiled ambassadors for science and engineering.
Funds Offered: $26 810.00


Project Title: Savvy Science. Why be energy efficient?
Proposer: Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative -Tasmania
Contact: Mrs Jenny Dudgeon
Description: An outreach program to the schools and communities in rural and/or isolated, disadvantaged areas of Tasmania. The focus will be growing each community�s understanding of the science and technology involved in energy. A series of community forums, interactive workshops, and an education program for students. The schools will become resource information centres for the community to facilitate wider community understandings about energy.
Funds Offered: $16 000.00




Project Title: City Science 2011
Proposer: CSIRO Education
Contact: Ms Carly Siebentritt
Description: �City Science� will be made up of a series of key events based in central Melbourne. The project managers will work with research, community and industry partners to develop a variety of performances, presentations, forums, demonstrations and discussion sessions based in well-known Melbourne venues. These will be designed to engage a range of different audiences, encouraging them to explore and learn about exciting science, technology and innovation.
Funds Offered: $30 000.00


Project Title: Great Big Science Gig
Proposer: CSIRO
Contact: Mr Chris Krishna-Pillay
Description: A science rock cabaret that showcases cutting edge research and innovation in an accessible and highly entertaining way. It engages audiences through science demonstrations, audience participation and live music. The show features Australian research and innovation across a wide variety of topics and disciplines. The show will tour nationally to both regional centres and metropolitan areas.
Funds Offered: $19 400.00


Project Title: Science without Borders
Proposer: Discovery Science and Technology Centre
Contact: Miss Lisa Gormley
Description: Science without Borders aims to take science out of its comfort zone, out of the lab environments and into the streets. Key events are a photo competition, a series of lunchtime Science Busks in main shopping areas, a Bendigo Business Council network breakfast, and three days of public shows hosted at Discovery which will engage audiences in science through theatre, drama, and fun.
Funds Offered: $5500.00


Project Title: Bugs on Legs and Critter Cuisine
Proposer: The Scientwists
Contact: Mrs Robyn Jackman
Description: In the face of a growing world food crisis, could insects be the next sustainable food source? Farmer�s Market and business lunch events will allow participants to try a range of bug delicacies, and learn about insects, nutrition, and sustainability through recipes, fact sheets and brochures, and live insect displays. Entomophagy experts and a chef will interact with participants.
Funds Offered: $3900.00


Project Title: Would you like some gene technology with that?
Proposer: The Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics
Contact: Dr Monica Ogierman
Description: Mediated discussion between an expert panel and the general public about the use of genetic modification in the production of modern cereal crops. Community members are invited to participate as the audience through raising discussion questions in advance, live digital voting on scenarios and a question session. Event will be filmed and further ongoing communication will continue online.
Funds Offered: $7000.00


Project Title: Collisions on Canvas: Art and Chemistry
Proposer: University of Ballarat
Contact: Ms Stephanie Davison
Description: Local scientists, artists and businesses come together to entertain and educate. Discover a fascinating world where art and chemistry collide on canvas as you learn about the papers, dyes, pigments, fixatives, fillers and strippers you use whenever you pick up a brush, pen or pencil. Talks and a public forum will be followed by workshops in which participants will manufacture and use pigments in communal artwork.
Funds Offered: $12 000.00


Project Title: Sci Spy
Proposer: Monash University
Contact: Ms Jenny Mosse
Description: Sci Spy provides the opportunity for the community to learn of the major work of industries, departments and educational providers in science and technology in the Gippsland region. Activities will include a panel of experts Q and A, 'Science Soap Box' where experts will dispel common misconceptions about general science and discuss local research, 'Movie Science', a show case of science careers, and 'Fun with Science' shows.
Funds Offered: $4950.00


Project Title: Rain Reaction
Proposer: Echelon Productions
Contact: Mr Dan Christie
Description: A new educational musical focussing on the concept of chemistry as a creative science, contributing to sustainable living, enabling clean waterways and impacting upon manufacturing industries and the issue of climate change. A highly interactive theatrical performance for students featuring action packed narratives, appealing characters, loads of comedy, songs and dancing. Will tour a number of cities during National Science Week.
Funds Offered: $6000.00


Project Title: The Probability Drive - the Maths Behind the Lucky Country - 6 City National Tour
Proposer: Numbercrunch - Mathematical Communication
Contact: Mr Simon Pampena
Description: 'Life is just a chaotic series of events without purpose or meaning... unless you are a mathematician. Then, everything makes sense.' A stand-up maths comedy show looking at the maths driving dumb luck specifically from an Australian perspective. The show will be aimed at ages 13 and up and will tour 6 capital cities. During the tour school shows will also be offered.
Funds Offered: $15 023.00


Project Title: Rocket Science
Proposer: Physics Students' Society -- University of Melbourne
Contact: Mr Patrick Clearwater
Description: An event involving the launch of a series of model rockets in a public park. The general public can observe and participate. Educational materials will be provided and University of Melbourne scientists, technicians and engineers will be sharing their knowledge and experience.
Funds Offered: $3400.00



Western Australia

Project Title: Science: Get On Board
Proposer: Scitech
Contact: Ms Sarah Bugg
Description: Step onto the bus or train and be ignited by science! A poster campaign highlighting aspects of science relevant to commuters, such as energy efficiency, pollution control, sustainable cities and environmental management, developed by Scitech in partnership with Transperth, will be displayed throughout Perth metropolitan trains and buses promoting science and National Science Week to unsuspecting commuters.
Funds Offered: $7500.00


Project Title: Reading the Country Kimberley Road Show
Proposer: Environs Kimberley
Contact: Mrs Kerry Marvell
Description: A showcase of the many projects where science is being linked with traditional ecological knowledge in the major towns of the Kimberley. The road show will start in Broome and move onto Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and end in Kununurra. In each town science displays will be presented in conjunction with local science/conservation project coordinators and scientists, offering opportunities for the community to engage in hands on science based activities with Traditional Owners and scientists on Country.
Funds Offered: $22 526.00


Project Title: YOUth at A Sound of Science
Proposer: Australian Association for Environmental Education
Contact: Dr Jennifer Pearson
Description: Youth engagement and leadership is the focus of this community fair at the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC). The sounds of animals, plants, humans and the Earth itself will be explored, led by science presenters, prominent Indigenous Elders and researchers. Innovative, creative sessions on the sounds of science will be investigated by the general public.
Funds Offered: $6850.00


Project Title: South to North - The Direction of Science
Proposer: Western Australian Museum Albany
Contact: Ms Rachael Wilsher-Saa
Description: A program exploring the way in which chemistry is constantly occurring in the natural world as well as the man made world and how this impacts on our daily lives. The program will travel as a road show of demonstrations, workshops and experiments to some of the most remote regional communities in the state and will involve educators and conservation and entomological scientists.
Funds Offered: $14 170.00


Project Title: Shopping Trolley Science
Proposer: Scitech
Contact: Mr Nick Wood
Description: A two-day science festival designed to inspire the general public and local school groups with cutting-edge science and technology currently being used in Western Australia, with a focus on Astronomy and the SKA. Using one of WA�s largest shopping centres, the event will incorporate live science shows and hands-on exhibits, as well as interactive displays and demonstrations from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research and Astronomy WA.
Funds Offered: $6000.00


Project Title: Icebreaker Science
Proposer: Scitech
Contact: Mr Andrew Hannah
Description: Icebreaker Science will take hands-on science activities into at-risk environments, to foster positive intra-family social interactions, and affirmative experiences with science. Taking place in family visit rooms at some of WA's juvenile detention centres and women�s prisons, the hands-on science activities will give a context that promotes conversations between family members, encouraging enjoyment with science, a positive attitude to science and an upbeat stance towards learning.
Funds Offered: $5000.00



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